Oysters Kilpatrick

Oysters Kilpatrick | The Burnt Chef

“These oysters couldn’t be any more American than if they were served in a pretzel roll with a pickle”

Oysters Kilpatrick | The Burnt Chef

Nothing says summer more than freshly shucked oysters and a crisp glass of Sémillon on a beach bar’s sun deck watching the Pacific Ocean.

Yes it is an acquired taste.

Yes they feel like cold salted snot.

Yes we have all been there and no, judge you I will not.

If your first response to the thought of oysters is to cross your arms, spread your stance and shudder with one eye half closed as you over exaggerate dry retching, then I get you, I do, but you need to relax, there is a segway;

A delicious half way point full of sweet ketchupy and salty bacon goodness.

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