Oysters Kilpatrick

“These oysters couldn’t be any more American than if they were served in a pretzel roll with a pickle”

Oysters Kilpatrick | The Burnt Chef

Nothing says summer more than freshly shucked oysters and a crisp glass of Sémillon on a beach bar’s sun deck watching the Pacific Ocean.

Yes it is an acquired taste.

Yes they feel like cold salted snot.

Yes we have all been there and no, judge you I will not.

If your first response to the thought of oysters is to cross your arms, spread your stance and shudder with one eye half closed as you over exaggerate dry retching, then I get you, I do, but you need to relax, there is a segway;

A delicious half way point full of sweet ketchupy and salty bacon goodness.

These oysters couldn’t be any more American than if they were served in a pretzel roll with a pickle.Spiced and with a squeeze of lime, the whole thing is this crispy chewy two bite mouthful of perfection and all these flavors and textures are happening at the exact same bloody time.

Did I mention it comes with bacon?

So right at the center of this oral explosion is that little ball of snot you are so fearful of, delivering the perfect umami pop that no matter your opinion in the beginning, will have you coming back for more like the 50 shades of oyster whore you know deep down inside, you want to be.

Now get in here, take your shoes off.  It’s time to get your oyster on!

oysters kilpatrick | the burnt chef

Oysters Kilpatrick
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 2 servings (6 oysters per person)
  • 12 fresh oyster shucked on the half shell
  • rock salt
  • ⅓ cup ketchup
  • ¼ cup worcestershire sauce
  • 1 lb thick cut bacon (thinly sliced up across the grain)
  • a dash of hot sauce (tobasco or your favorite)
  • juice of ½ lemon
  • 1 tsp horseradish (optional)
  • lime wedges for garnish
  1. Shuck oysters
  2. Place oysters on a thick bed of rock salt on a baking pan (the rock salt is to keep the oysters fit snug and upright on the baking sheet so all the juices don't fall out when cooking them)
  3. Mix together sliced bacon, worcestershire sauce, ketchup, lemon juice and hot sauce
  4. Add a splash of worcestershire sauce to each oyster shell, then top with bacon mixture.
  5. Broil on high on upper middle baking rack for 10 minutes or until bacon is browned and crispy. (Go a couple minutes longer if you would like your oysters cooked for longer)
  6. Serve with lime or lemon wedges.

Oysters Kilpatrick Recipe


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